Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silly, busy, calm, laid back - CATS!

We have all personalities, looks and levels of activity. The foster home can 'clue' you in on what to expect with just the right cat.




Activity level? High!

Sillieness level? High!

Curiousity level? High!

Love you level? High!

These goofy, busy, underfoot, comic brothers do not have to stay together when they are adopted but make a very good pair. They'll keep each other busy when you are away and amuse you with their antics when you get home. They look a little serious in their pictures - we think they were trying to fool the photographers!

Have another busy cat who needs a buddy? Either of these boys gets along well with another cat.

And on the other end of the 'busy' level:


Laid back? Yes!

Lover? Yes!

Allows another mellow cat to use him for a pillow? Yes!

Likes to sleep with you? Yes!

Morrie would be fine with just you to keep him company but he would get along well with another middle aged or older cat. He's accepting and gentle, a wonderful companion.

Out and about?

Check out: Kenzie

She's at Chuck and Don's in Highland through the weekend.

A BUSY and fun young lady. She entertains herself well with her toys and games but likes to play chase with another cat too. Comes for attention.

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