Friday, May 6, 2011

Cat Adoption Sat. May7, 11-1 p.m.

Stop by and check out the crew looking for new homes! We have all shapes sizes and personalities.

Hector - talkative, loving the good life indoors - those howling winds coming in the windows are too scary! He's a lap guy who loves to play.

Morrie - a laid back lap fellow, he's a big boy. Front declawed, long hair to brush or comb, gorgeous blue eye.

Robbie - looking for action? Have lots of time to play with a busy guy? want another one to go with another active cat? Robbie likes loving and definitely play time - he's not terribly graceful but will be happy to clear all the paperwork off the table so you can get it sorted into the right order finally!

Hudson - cute fellow, about a year old, he loves pipecleaners to play with and is just starting to be a lap guy.

Lucy (Kenzie) is a busy youngster. She loves another cat, comes for attention off and on and needs lots of toys and/or a friend.

Mr. Darcy (Ash) is a soft and cuddly, laid back boy - lap time anyone?

Blue - siamese x, front declawed. She doesn't want to share you with another cat, she's a playful and affectionate lady.

Darion and Darcel - gray and white brothers - looking for a busy, underfoot pair? You may have found them!

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