Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sirroco and her kittens, one boy and 3 girls are among the latest cats and kittens who have made it into a Pet Haven foster home. Momma is a black short hair, she has 2 black girls and one brown tabby girl. The brown tabby and white is the male.

In the picture below you can see that one of the black kittens has hair that looks a little different - the one on the right. Her hair-do is a little 'wilder' looking and she will probably be a medium hair. Everyone else is a short hair.

Mom came to a volunteers home on 9/21. She had her kittens on 9/22.

And, in the grown-up version of a cat who will shortly make the adoption list is Oliver. He is a gray point Himalayan.

When he came to Pet Haven his coat was in very poor shape, his back claws were ground down to nubbins and one foot was infected (we assume he was digging to get away from something), and he had a limp. He had very little top coat so didn't show his gray coloring on his back and sides.

The limp turned out to be healed damage to his pelvis and the ball of his femur and he has since had 'head and neck' surgery on that leg. This removes the 'ball' of the femur and a portion of the femur. When his muscles strengthen he will walk with just a small limp and not have the pain from the malformered hip joint and ball. He has a medium length coat, not the longer one that is sometimes seen in a himalayan.

He has the typical large, round blue eyes and was busy grooming when a volunteer tried to take a picture.

Oliver will do best in an adult home with cat experience. He is very friendly, not shy but does bite occasionally. His foster home says he signals when he is tired of you doing whatever you are doing with him - holding him, petting, etc. He gives a low grumble/growl and if you stop, there is no bite.

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