Monday, September 14, 2009

Newer kids

Kati is one of the girls who came to us this summer when her home was foreclosed on.

She and a kitten of hers, who has since been adopted, were left behind and they came to Pet Haven to find a new home. Kati is a busy, playful girl.

She plays a lot and loves to be around you. She isn't much of a cuddler although you can hold her in your arms like a baby. She purrs and purrs, even when she wants to get down. Kati plays a little roughly - she'll invite you to give her a tummy rub but finds it over-stimulating and will nip then.

Kati hopes someone will want to see her in her foster home because she is very stressed and grumbly at adoption events - it's hard to be on display when you aren't the kind of girl who would choose to go to the store to be adopted. Her pleasant personality is best enjoyed at home.

James and Casper are newbies to our adoption program also. Both are easy going fellows. Casper does well with another cat who isn't too wild and crazy - he wants that limelight to be his own. He runs through the house with his catnip strawberry in his mouth and stretches out on the floor to relax.

James is very easy-going, good with another cat, a small dog, children, adults - all's fine in his world. He and Casper came from the same shelter and go well together but do not have to be adopted together.

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