Monday, February 16, 2009

The B girls

These two little girls are cute gray tabbies and they are both polydactyls.  

Betty has the shorter hair and her foster calls her Betty Boop.  She pushes for attention, tries to play with the dog - in fact, she will tease her by touching her face or foot until she finally gets out of her bed and then Betty hops right in, turns around and snuggles in!  Dogs!  What cat can't outsmart one?

Brenda is the looker.  She has medium length hair and a big fluffy tail she carries as a flag.  She is slower to warm up to a new person but is coming for more snuggle time now.  Both girls love to snuggle in bed.  

Betty and Brenda have 'pillow' foot.  Their feet will occasionally become sore and have thinner skin in spots and places on the pad looks as if they had skinned it in a fall on a rough surface.  A trip to the vet ended up with a diagnosis and treatment with a long acting injection of cortisone and a course of antibiotics.  Within two weeks they were back up and playing.  This will probably happen occasionally in their lives but shouldn't be a major problem.  One of the fosters has a cat who has the same problem and he is 10 yrs. old now.  He has had occasional thin skinned spots but has never had treatment until just recently. 

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