Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank you!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and, if you love shopping, that you are out with friends or family catching lots of great deals!

When you're looking for just the right gift - remember your humane societies and rescue groups who help other pets, just like yours, who still need a home.

Sometimes it seems their is no 'right' gift to give to someone. Do they remember fondly a cat, dog or bunny they grew up with? A gift to honor that special Socks or Penny may be just the right touch.

Make a card - glue on or attach a picture of a pet that looks just like theirs did - and a note telling them how thankful you are that they are in your life AND that you are so glad they shared their love of animals with you.

Pedro - Mr. Photogenic - has a Thanksgiving message too. He hopes his mom, Penelope, and all the other cats find their own forever homes soon. He loved the smells of turkey roasting and pumpkin pie baking - it would have been nice to have some but he knows he's warm and loved. Food isn't all it is about - it's family.

Sometimes the family is a pet and a person - sometimes it is a pet and a number of people - but all it takes is two to make a family.

Thank you for adopting a rescued pet - thank you for supporting a rescue group and humane society - thank you for supporting spay and neuter so we can bring overpopulation under control and reach our goal of finding a home for every pet born.

Thank you!

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