Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moms looking for a home!

We have several mom cats who are still looking for their forever homes. They've all raised their last litter of rug rats and are oh, so happy to be a regular young cat again!

Candy (Candance) was living life in the rough - in an alley. She had 2 babies and they have been adopted. Candy is definitely a lap cat and she gets along well with a dog and would enjoy having one that would play with her.

Her hair coat is still not the prettiest - it's hard to keep your nutrition up when you have to fend for yourself! As she sheds her coat over the next 6 months, her new hair will be less 'greasy' looking.

This brown tabby torti has the cutest crossed eyes and she is definitely a winner in the personality department.

Anja is a little bit of a thing - pregnant or soon-to-be and being dumped outside to survive on her own, she was lucky to get to an impound the day before she had her babies. Anja was taken from impound when her babies were just a few days old. She had probably not been a very successful hunter and it was a struggle to keep her eating enough as she raised her kids to weaning.

She's just a young girl herself and has regained her energy and sprints through the house after her toys. She's fine with another cat and has a small dog in the foster home. Anja gives love bites when she's been petted too long so we'd like to find her an adult home that will read her signals of when enough is enough of all that good loving.

Olive did not have kittens when she came to Pet Haven but she, too, has had more than one litter. She's a laid back and affectionate girl - great for a small home or apartment since she isn't a wild and crazy girl very often. She loves to keep you company though and her fosters find her a very nice lady. Olive is frightened at our adoption events but her personality shines through in the foster home.

Olive didn't have any fat on her when she came to Pet Haven and was spayed but she's happy to say she's put on a pound or two! (And that's enough!) Her foot pads were rough and thickened from living outside all last winter - finding what she could to eat and getting a snack or two occasionally from a neighbor in the townhouse area she had been left in.

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