Monday, July 7, 2008

Katie's kittens - growing up, personalities develop!

Katie's kittens are starting to show their real personalities!    Kiki has on a pink/purple collar and Kyle has the white one on.  Bet you wonder why the collars?  Have you ever tried to tell 4 black kittens apart as they go tumbling through the house?  It isn't easy!  

Kiki is very outgoing, she is in a foster home with a young rat terrier and plays with the dog, allows her to drag her around in a cat bed and comes for some lap time.  

Kyle is right at your feet for some pats and attention and both love top lay with string toys.  Sting toys should always be kept 'up' and closed in a cupboard or drawer when you are not supervising.  Some kittens and cats will chew on and eat string toys and that can lead to serious stomach and intestine problems as well as surgery.  

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