Saturday, June 28, 2008

Always Surprises

Fostering new cats always comes with surprises. Take Camille who we have now (known to us as Hazelnut). First surprise: did you know that a cat in heat when spayed may still yowl right after being spayed? The little gal couldn't be spayed until her kittens were done nursing (something they were reluctant to give up). She came to our house to give her some freedom from her growing brood that was in need of weaning and some much-needed individual attention. I was warned she might go into heat before her spay appointment and sure enough. But I was sure upon return from the vet she'd be both quiet and in need of rest. Instead, she was full of energy, all over the house, and still yowling! I guess it takes some time to get the hormones out of the system. She did stop but for awhile I'd wondered if I'd mistook a noisy vocal personality for being in heat.

Second surprise. I just finished writing Mary Ann, the cat division director, that Camille probably wouldn't be good around other cats because she seemed so nervous around ours. Then, while at our cabin, I discover her on the top bunk snuggling with our male Tabby, Leaf.

Third surprise. We though Camille was a quiet shy girl. Last night I heard a cat racing all over the bedroom, then up the stairs and down the stairs. I was sure it was Petal but soon saw it was Camille. It is like a light switch turned on for her and she is finally at ease because she's been chasing some sort of pompom puffball of my daughter's all over the house, moving like lightning.

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