Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeding altered feral cats in Anoka. Help is needed!

There is a colony of spayed and neutered feral cats in Anoka who need regular feeding and watering.  Several years ago Animal Ark spayed, neutered and cats were returned to the site and volunteers are needed to continue to support these cats.  This has created a managed colony where there are no longer many, many kittens being born only to become feral and reproduce again and again.  It has lessened or eliminated fighting by the male cats because they are no longer fighting over the females.  

As you can see from the pictures, the cats are well fed and enjoying their lives.  Can  you help?  Volunteers are needed to feed and provide fresh water once a day, every day of the week.  Could you feed one day a week?  Perhaps you live near there or drive by on your way to and from work or on errands.  

Dry food is provided, you will need to bring a large thermos of fresh water with you to refill bowls. Diana would appreciate any help you can provide! Contact her at  Phone 763-767-7989.

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