Monday, July 14, 2008

Buster and his racing stripe

Buster went to the vet this morning.  He passed his felv/fiv test and received his 2nd prc vaccination.  He'll be going to be neutered on Tues. and then will be up for adoption.  He already has a name but the techs at the clinic thought he looked like he had a cute little racing stripe up his nose and that maybe  his name should be 'Herbie'!  

Buster's surgery went well and he is back in his foster home recooperating.  He and Charlotte are very good friends and would enjoy going to a new home together.  

He's just one of the many kittens and cats looking for homes through Pet Haven.  Every kitten and cat we find homes for allows us to take in another one from impound, another shelter or the streets.  

Like many other groups, Pet Haven is supporting more spay and neuter surgeries but until we all become convinced of how vitally important that is, there will be more and more cute kittens and adult cats who are euthanized every day here and all over the U.S. because there are not enough homes for them all.  We cannot adopt our way out of the overpopulation crisis - spay and neuter is the only answer.  

Help us - raise money for spay and neuter.  Check out  for a fun and easy way to do this or donate to your favorite rescue group and ask that the money be focused on helping families who cannot afford it to spay and neuter their own pets.  Not ready to adopt? Can't adopt because of where you live or allergies in the family?  You can help anyway. Help us to help the dogs and cats who so desperately need to have spay and neuter surgery.  And, help us find homes for the cats and kittens waiting now.   Buster is a very lucky fellow - he came in from the hot summer weather.  We need to make that happen for more cats and kittens.  

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