Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missy - just look at those eyes!

Missy is one of many females we take in each year.  Too often these girls have had repeated litters over their lives, little if any vet care and we don't know whether they have had regular food.  They show up most often as strays on the street or from impound.  

Missy is a very cute girl - she a brown tabby torti with white feet, chest and tummy.  She came to another shelter very depressed and not eating well.  She had been spayed and after awhile she had a few teeth removed because she continued to have a poor appetite.  When one of Pet Haven's vets examined Missy, it was evident she needed additional dental work.  Missy has been in a foster home with Pet Haven for about a week now and is starting to perk up.  Her foster believes she can only see about a foot in front of her face and she explores with her head very low to the ground.  When you see her very cute eyes which are very crossed, you'll be able to guess why her vision may be somewhat limited.  Missy has an appointment to have some other teeth removed that may be bothering her and that will happen next week.  She loves to stretch out on her side and be talked to and have her tummy stroked.  Soon, we hope, you'll see her bio up on the website and she'll be ready for adoption.  

When Missy finds a home, we'll be able to add another cat in need of rescue to our foster home system.  

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