Monday, July 14, 2008


Ms Camille has a new name in her present foster home, Hazelnut, which fits her beautiful brown tabby coloring.  She's starting to feel better and has lots more energy.  She comes for attention, sidling and rubbing on everything as she walks towards you and she stretches way up on her tippy toes as she gets under your hand for more and more pats.  Hazelnut loves to play with a small puff ball that belong to the child in her foster home and she comes to snuggle in bed.  She's adjusted to the other cats and they to her but her foster mom feels she'd do well as an only cat too.  She startles when you move through the house quickly and will duck away but comes back out shortly to see what's happening.  We think she lived mainly outside so house noises and people moving around are relatively new to her.  Pet Haven asked a lot of her when we added two extra kittens to her litter of 4.  She's probably had litter after litter her whole life and those two tykes who really needed her caused another drain on her system.  She's slim but gaining weight and feeling better and better - a home of her own would make her recovery complete.  

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