Monday, August 3, 2009

Newer girls

Monkey will be coming to adoptions soon. She is a very cute torti and has a tail that curves over her back and then it hangs in a curl along her side! She had a litter of kittens, they've been adopted and now it is her turn. Her foster thinks she is young, she is very playful and loves attention and gets along with another cat. The vet guessed her at a year +. Look at her dark fur outlining her mouth - it almost looks like a smile.

Alana is a little girl with lots of spunk and spirit. She came from Red Lake and loved the two dogs in her temporary foster home immediately. Legs waving, tummy being nuzzled. She can be a little intimidating with another cat as she comes on very enthusiastically for such a petite thing.

Alana was found at the dump, the rest of her siblings had been stomped to death. This little girl is so fast, I'm sure that the perpetrator was not coordinated enough to kill her. We hope Alana will have a long and healthy life with a dog or two of her own and to be kept inside, safe from harm. She will be ready for adoption after her spay the middle of August.

Many other cats and kittens are waiting for forever homes now. Looking for orange? We continue to have more orange cats and kittens; a couple of tortis; black, brown tabbies; black and white - you name it - we've probably got it.

At our first two adoptions in August, we found homes for 4 cats and kittens. That's a wonderful start to the month and we have already brought in a litter of 4 kittens and hope to bring in some others too. Thank you to all of you who adopt a rescued cat or dog! When that happens, we can help another one. Your support as a volunteer or donor makes a world of difference to one companion animal at a time.

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