Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Candance and babies

Here's Ms Candance with her two little kids.

She came to Pet Haven through a call to the voicemail line. A family had seen her in the area for several weeks, she disappeared and reappeared with 3 kittens, one of whom died. They had made a 'shelter' for her on the outside of the garage, next to the alley.

A Pet Haven volunteer scooped her up the same day we got the call - she didn't think that was a safe place for a new mother and her babies.

They were born about July 14, eyes are open now and they are little squeakers, well fed and kept clean by mom.

Phineaus is a dark brown tabby male -

Ferb is an orange tabby female -

Do you know someone who needs to get their cat or dog spayed or neutered?

Dogs and cats have fewer health risks if they are spayed or neutered before their first litter is born.

Spaying and neutering before having a litter helps with the overpopulation problem.

Kittens are fun; some families enjoy them and then dump them out the door when they are a nuisance because they are in heat, have litters, begin to spray while in heat or when sexually mature.

That kitten learned to be loved. How must it feel to be shut out of the house? Where will it's food come from? Who will protect it? Who will love it?

Help us! Help the cats and dogs, kittens and puppies. Refer people to:

Lower cost spay and neuter surgeries, income based. Additional financial help through various organizations such as Pet Haven if you are at the federal poverty level.

FREE clinic - this Friday, July 29, 2011. We need to fill that surgery schedule!

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