Monday, July 11, 2011


Millie, now named Maggie, has found a home!

Ms. M lived at a shelter for some time where she was surrendered by her owner. She didn't really enjoy the numbers of other cats at the shelter and was hoping for a home of her own and now she has found it.

She is a fun and loving girl who has lots of playful games up her 'sleeve' and dashes around her home with toys much of the time.

She also has a new friend, adopted through the Animal Humane Society.

Her name is Princess. She was going to be 'Angel' but she is a counter surfer and into all sorts of mischief so the 'angel' part was dropped!

Millie settled in and started playing very quickly, Princess has taken a few weeks to get comfortable - she was a 'stray' and it takes time to get used to the new people, new house, new noises.

These girls are enjoying each other's company and being loved.

Their owner has worked with Pet Haven and another group to help alter some other stray, many feral, cats near her home. Every summer folks would come to work near there with their pets and too often leave them behind. Pet Haven took a number of adults and kittens and placed them in homes.

Now, years later, two of the cats remain, Mama and one of her sons, Tuxedo Boy (or Mr. Smiles as I would probably name him). As you can see they are fat and pleased with their lives. They sleep in comfort, have warm housing in the winter, food and fresh water. They trust their caregiver enough to let her pet them some but are very much afraid of other people.

If you need to take a run to the store for a kitty fix, stop by Chuck and Don's in Highland, St Paul.

Garth will be there this week and loves company.

He's fostered with another cat and they enjoy each other's company, running and wrestling and playing games.

He also loves the early elementary age granddaughter who comes to play with him at grandma's house and gets along well with the small dog. He's a very versatile boy! He likes to snuggle under the sheet with you - just as soon as it is a little cooler, thank you!

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