Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Morrie really isn't sure this is his favorite holiday but he is very patient and wore a holiday collar to celeberate - with his stunning blue eye (one had to be removed) and blue blanket, he really is a boy who can bring off the 'look'!

Morrie is a gentle boy who coexists peacefully with another cat who isn't too rambunctious but would be more than happy to be an only fellow to lap up all your love. He's very laid back and sits next to you or gets on the bed to sleep with you. He'd be a great companion for someone who has a family member who is housebound much of the time. Easy to look at and even better as a friend. Morrie's fur is long and he needs to be combed weekly - it isn't his favorite activity but he cooperates well.

Rudi (black) and Kip (black/white) are sisters patiently waiting for a home. Not yet 4 months old they are full of fun and games. Each comes for attention and gets along with another cat too.

Spencer was bored - he took a nap! He is under 3 months of age and is a flame point siamese x.

Gibby is Spencer's sister. She is a dark torti, her fur is almost all black (the brown showed up in the photo) with just a little orange and tan in her eyebrows and here and there. She has a little white on her tummy and chest. Playful kittens.

Keep your cats and dogs inside, safe from harm! Celebrations with neighborhood and community fireworks are startling and frightening to many companion animals.

If you take your cat outside, please put a harness and leash on it so that if it jumps down from your arms you will be able to reach down or step on the leash and find the cat quickly. Some actually enjoy going for a walk with you holding the leash!

If your cat or dog is frightened of the noise, keep them inside and allow them into a darkened room where they an hide away.

We're in for more hot and humid weather. No car rides, no waiting in the car while you just run in the store 'for a minute'! Keep fresh water available inside and out and, if your dog is outside, it needs lots of fresh water twice a day AND a shady spot to stay out of the most extreme heat!

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Belly B said...

Haha i'm more of a dog person, but these images are ADORABLE! :)

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