Monday, June 27, 2011


Hector came from living outside in Dec. 2010. He's loving being inside.

He likes to talk -

He loves to be carried around in your arms and requests that when you get home -

He's playful -

Watching the outside world from the back of a couch is the best viewing spot - he wasn't so sure he liked all the wind when we had windy days this spring.

His first foster home had a respectful dog and an older cat and that was fine.

He's happy to meet your friends when they come visiting.

Hector doesn't like our adoption events very well, they make him kind of grumpy. He hopes someone who would like to give him a forever home will contact Pet Haven and come to see him in his foster home - soon would be good!

Having been rescued from a life filled with risks, not enough loving and no regular supply of food, Hector knows that if he is adopted that Pet Haven can bring in another cat to fill his empty foster spot. That would be a good day for Hector and a good day for the next feline!

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