Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some new cats and older kittens

Hope is one of the new girls to join Pet Haven. She was taken from a hoarder house and went to a crowded rural shelter, she's been there for several years.

This pretty, young lady (probably only 3-4 yrs. old) is finding out what home life can be like in her foster home.

She's met the other cats there and is doing well, she's been brushed and brushed and her coat is silky smooth. She comes up on the bed for attention and knows just which food bowl is hers when it is time to eat! Soon she'll explore the screened porch and be more playful.

Cornelia came to her first adoption too and was a little nervous but loved being pet. Cornelia's previous story was not any happier than Hope's. She was discovered in the basement of a foreclosed home, when contacted the person in charge reported that yes, he knew she was there. He was trying to kill her by starving her to death!

Cornelia likes the couple of dogs in her foster home, is a little less sure about the other cats but they were nose to nose after the adoption yesterday and she follows the fosters around, looking for some loving - which they give with enthusiasm. She's a lucky girl, not yet a year old.

Sylvie was also left behind when her 'owners' moved out of rental property but the landlords found her shortly. She is an extraordinarily outgoing girl, very confident and just over a year in age. She loves to play, be brushed or combed and is very curious and affectionate. If you like the 'tuxedo' look - she is a classic with huge white whiskers, toes and a bib.

Noah came back to Pet Haven and has just turned two yrs. of age. He was adopted the first time at about 9 months of age. He's a handsome big boy - long and tall - and moved to his foster home and is already out and about with the small dog and the other cat who is up for adoption - Garth! In a few days they will learn to play and have a grand time.

Noah was returned when his adopters hit hard times financially and they were forced to leave their home.

Did you know that most cats live to be 14-18 years of age?

Adopting a year old cat or a 3 year old cat or even a 9 year old cat gives you many years of loving and companionship.

Why adopt an 'older' cat? Their personalities are formed. Their foster can tell you what they're like, what they like to do and whether they are more laid back or zany characters.

Every time a cat that is 'older' is adopted, we are able to take another one in -

off the streets,

left behind,

from an over-crowded shelter.

Help us to find a new life for these felines too.

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