Friday, June 17, 2011


Kip, black and white, and Rudi, black, were born in early March 2011.

They are well matched in play styles and have started to come for some lap time - when they are not too busy playing!

Both girls purr eagerly when you pick them up and hold them.

Rudi is the live wire of the pair.

Kip does a lot of playing but is not quite as silly as Rudi is!

Wrestle a shoe?

Of course!

Wrestle each other?

Yes, that too!

Have a little lap time?


These girls do not have to be adopted together but make a nice pair if you are looking for siblings. The foster home has 2 medium sized dogs (the girls are a little cautious around them but not petrified) and another older kitten and adult cat to play with - Ladybug, the adult, is like a grown up kitten and enjoys them thoroughly.

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