Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why go to the vet? Why keep vaccinations up to date?

It isn't unusual that we hear, "But, my cat is an indoor cat! Why does it need to have vaccinations???"

Thelma can tell you why!

She's about a year and a half old, she had her first rabies vaccination at about 4-6 months (along with several distemper ones too). She's been adopted.

Proud hunter that she is - she killed a bat - IN the house.

I didn't hear if the bat was sent in for rabies testing or not. But, if the bat were rabid, and the percentage is high in MN, then she was exposed to rabies and could easily have contracted it.

Having been vaccinated, she is protected.

Her rabies vaccination was up to date, was due to be boostered the end of this month and, I'd bet the vet did that a few weeks early.

Smart Thelma, smart owners, smart vet!

Of course, there are other good reasons for a cat to go to the vet. Having a wellness exam gives you and your vet the benefits of knowing how much the cat weighs, year to year. Gaining? Losing? A diet in order?

Let's look at those teeth! Cats can be prone to dental disease - poor ones who live for years with cavities (resorbtive lesions), in pain, un complaining. Ouch!

Stomach or bowel upsets? Keep a record at the clinic and then a plan can be made to resolve the problem.

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