Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun, games and a nap

Larry was at Chuck and Don's in Highland. He enjoyed greeting folks and visiting with them but it was not the right time for him to be adopted. Perhaps it wasn't the right time of the year, perhaps the right family didn't see him.

Larry is full of fun and games at home and enjoyed exploring the store when no customers were there. How did the get him back to his condo? Food! Larry loves food!

He's an active and very playful fellow. He'd need another rowdy cat to play with, an owner with time several times a day to play actively with him or a playful dog or two - Larry accepts pretty much anyone as a play-friend.

He does need to rest and snooze sometimes too!

Who is at the store now? Brooklyn!

She's also very playful but does not have the same energy level that Larry does. She comes to see you, likes attention, gets along with another cat. She'd love to move out of her foster home, although life is pretty good there, and find her forever home. She likes people, children, a dog and another cat.

Another cat who has been there but not adopted is Riley. She's a lovely girl with striking markings who would really love to be someone's only lap girl. Good with men or women, she just wants you to sit down!

Rascal Jack will be coming after Easter - another great, devoted, cat companion and a big fellow!

Check out the website at, click on Cats available for adoption.

Kati is another stunning, playful girl looking for a home. She loves to play, likes lots of attention and would prefer to be an only cat also in an adult home.

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