Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help pets in need by a simple click

Thanks to founder Kim Carrier of The Pet Project there is a non-profit now whose mission is to helps people keep their pets by providing pet food and basic supplies to those who are struggling.

After being featured in the Star Tribune about the work she is doing she got a phone call from Cargill. Nutrena (owned by Cargill) makes the premium pet food Loyall. After reading the article on The Pet Project and how Kim is working to stock food shelves with pet food (as they are very much a part of the family) they donated a truck load of pet food (worth approximately $10,000!)!. They have agreed to donate another truckload of pet food if the following youtube video is viewed 10,000 times by April 30th. Please consider watching the video and pass the link around to all those you know.

Thanks Kim! Thanks Cargill/Nutrena! And Thanks to all for what you do on behalf of animals and their guardians who love them.

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