Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rascal Jack

Even though our pictures won't show this boy being a 'rascal', that is a part of his name.

He has favorite toys - one of the stick ones he will go and find and pull so it drags behind him until he figures out where you are so he can get you to play - games with a friend are always more fun! When he's done playing, he will take the toy back to his hiding place, under the futon - but just until the next time he wants you to play.

After an exciting game, a nap might be in order.

Sometimes he's up to a game of tug-of-war or leading you around the house as he carries one end in his mouth. He's an inventive fellow.

RJ has learned that he gets treats when he sits in the begging chair (certain one) - and he'll sit up on his hind legs and take it gently from your fingers! No picture of that yet but the foster is working on it.

He loves the bathtub - it's a good place to hang out apparently.

First of the a.m. conversations are good but he has a very quiet meow so you have to pay attention and tummy rubs sometimes.

And, of course, good windows to look outside.

It looks as if a measured amount of food might be good too - a little less than he is getting now!

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