Monday, February 22, 2010

Here and there -

Noah is settling in well at Chuck and Don's in Highland. He was having a snooze in his hammock yesterday while the adoption was going on.

Noah is a busy fellow but not too busy to stop by for a bit of lap time as he makes his way around his foster home looking for a new game of chase or a particular toy to play with.

He'll be at Chuck and Don's through next weekend 2/27 & 28 so stop by and say hello.

If you're looking for a pair, Noah and Speedy are fostered together. They are not brothers but are about the same age, both in the 8-10 month old range.

Looking for a pretty, sparkly, intelligent, outgoing girl? Sonic might be the one for you. She is a medium haired gray and will be a year old this summer.

She is a girl who can open cupboards and drawers to find new playthings and who loves people - she has 3 teens in her foster home and loves the attention. She's also quite the snuggler so has a good mix of active and relaxed with you. Sonic also has another cat and a dog in her foster home and the 3 get along well together.

Sonic isn't as relaxed as Speedy is about appearing in public but she can be seen in her foster home where she is very comfortable. Not all women love to go shopping and Sonic is one of them!

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