Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silas, big boy, big lover!

Silas loves to give hugs. And body rubs - he's one friendly guy! He also loves to be a lap boy - but you'll probably have to have a little cat hanging over the edge because he's a big fellow, long and tall.

Toys are great too -

Toy mice are to be caught and tossed in the air and caught again. Life is good when you have the right toys.

Silas says the bathroom sink is a great place to curl up for a nap or to wait for you to finish in the shower and come out and pet him again.

Silas has been in a home with a small dog, is ok with some cats but wouldn't mind being your only, best, feline friend!

While you're out and about this weekend, stop in at the Highland Chuck and Don's and meet Brooklyn. We think she looks a little like a nun, with her black head covering on. She's an outgoing and playful girl and has been in a foster home with another cat and an active small dog.

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