Friday, February 5, 2010

Two Adoptions, Sat. 2/6 and Sun. 2/7

We will be at the PetCo in Richfield on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Sat. 2/6 from 11-1 p.m.

Sun. 2/7 from 1-3 p.m. - early enough to get home for the super bowl game!

Different cats each day, come and check out our felines. Most are teens (8-10 months) to 2-3 yrs. of age. All have different personalities and looks; some are introverted, some extroverted; some would like a quieter home, some a lively and busy home; some will liven up your home a lot, others will be a quieter presence.


Noah and Speedy will make their first appearance!

Speedy is playing with a straw from the guinea pig cage. As you might guess, he is a busy boy!

Noah is his buddy in games and they would make a good pair or go easily with another cat or kitten who likes to play.

Both Noah (brown tabby and white) and Speedy (black) also come for attention as they zoom through the house looking for a new toy. They'll mature to be nice lap kids.

Denny is another attractive (medium haired black smoke) and fun loving kitten.

Sadie would like to be owned by one or two women and have a quieter home. She's a bit of an introvert so it takes awhile for her to bond with you but then she is the biggest lover of all. Lap time and hugs are just what she wants.

Helen, Sapphire, Brooklyn, Riley, Jellybean (who must have a busy active dog in her life), Larry and Currie will be there also.

Sunday will see:

Ladybug - as you can see, she loves heights and also gets along very well with another young and playful cat!

Bijou, April, Sirocco, Peggy and Smokey Joe will also come and perhaps some others at either event.

Smokey Joe would like to live as an only cat, he thinks he's the top banana, but wouldn't mind if there was a respectful dog or two in the house.

Check out our website at and look at the dogs and cat available for adoption. Ready about our cats at

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