Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here's a pretty girl who came to us from another shelter where she got to eat as much as she wanted - now she's on a diet!

Sienna is dealing well with her diet, she gets a set amount of food measured out in the a.m. and p.m. and doesn't beg between times.

She loves to play. The 5 yr. old granddaughter will run through the house holding a fishing pole toy with the string trailing behind and Sienna goes chasing after to try to catch it. She also will let her pick her up and when she gets tired of that she'll just shift her weight and slide out of her arms.

Sienna loves to play chase with a cat pal of hers too - Duke. No pictures of him yet, he is an orange tabby.

Her foster says she has beautiful green eyes -

Sienna is very social. She'd be a great family cat where there were children and adults to interact with. She'd be willing to spend time playing and lap sitting with everyone. By summer, Sienna will be the trim girl she should be and then will continue to need to have her food measured out for her always. Some cats just like to nibble and nibble, just as some people do.

Having a loving, attentive, people oriented cat around will make a home even more fun to come home to.

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