Monday, October 3, 2011


Good things come in pairs sometimes! Today we'll talk about a few 'pairs' of cats or kittens who would love to go with their sibling.

Maci and Lizzie are two sisters with gray short hair. We hope to find a home for them together. They are petite young ladies, weighing 4# at 5 months of age. They cuddle up together, romp around the house together and enjoy being with their foster family too - they live with teenagers, mom & dad, the family dog and another adult cat. It's a busy life for these two girls.

Someone crashed! Maci? Lizzie?

They like to sleep with you too so you'll have someone to keep you warm in bed as the nights get cooler.

Maci and Lizzie

Gypsy and Java are sisters too - both are tortis, about 6 months of age. Gypsy is a brown tabby torti and Java a black torti.


These girls do not have to go together but they too love to do things together. They romp and rollick through the house, chasing toys and each other and then come for some snuggle time with their foster family members.

Java sitting, Gypsy in front.

Zoe and Dahlia are sisters too - they are 12-18 months of age.


They get along very well together too and can be found watching the birds together, cuddling and snoozing together and then racing around the house in tandem. And they are very people oriented too.

Zoe and Dahlia

Maci and Lizzie are the two we hope to place together, the other 4 girls get along with another cat well and do not have to be placed together.

Looking for a male cat to add to a cat already in your family?

Tinker loves to play with another as well as cuddle and snuggle with you. Noah would love to have a dog in his life and, maybe, another cat who would be rowdy and rough and tumble with him.

And, we have cats who would love to be only cats too! A subject for another day -

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