Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunday, Oct. 16, 1-3 p.m.

PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S

Hope to see some folks who need a 'fix' of kittens and cats to admire or adopt!

There will be a variety there - more kittens this time around as we just have had some get through their first vet visits and spay and neuter surgery. Pet Haven chooses to care for all in their foster homes until the foster feels they are recuperated from surgery. All have been tested for feline leukemia and fiv and were negative and have had at least their first prc vaccinations.

These vaccinations begin in young kittenhood and there is a veterinary protocol that prescribes how often and how many vaccinations they need. When old enough or enough time has lapsed since last vaccinations, their adopter will need to take the kitten to their own vet for more prc (distemper) vaccinations and to get their rabies vax., as required by law.

A yearly vet exam is good insurance as well as a 'well-baby' check up shortly after you cat comes home. Then your vet knows how it is doing, how it was feeling, if it's weight was appropriate and, if, at a later date, you feel the cat or kitten is ill they have something to compare your new information to!

Some of those attending will be:

Sylvie - a beautiful and very cute black tuxedo - left behind when renters moved out. Did they lose jobs? had to rent elsewhere where they couldn't afford a cat deposit? Sylvie loves children and is a good playmate - she will also report on the bird count at the feeders as well as how many squirrels and chippies are around.

Sylvie is in the sack - hiding from another foster buddy, Spencer. Do you think he knows she is there?

Phin - Mr. Handsome, about 12 weeks old, he's going to have a long haired coat and will need to have help from you in keeping it tidy!

Carter - a mild mannered, dsh orange tabby, brother to Roz

Roz - a more energetic, silly and active kitten than Carter, a brown tabby torti

Hans - another medium haired kitten, black - outgoing and playful

Bjorn - a dsh, buff male, loves to play and be silly

Anja - the mother of 5 kittens, found in a backyard shed shortly after giving birth. Even with good quality canned and dry kitten food to eat at will she gave of herself to feed that many. Moms have it hardest - they aren't cared for, dumped outside and told to survive or not, raise their kittens or not - those found and cared for inside even have to struggle to complete the task. Anja is feeling better now - her spay surgery took a lot our of her and it was several weeks before she could muster the energy to do more than eat a little, get to the litterbox and curl up on the bed. There is cheering in the foster homes when these girls start coming out to play for even 10-20 minutes. Anja enjoys another cat and is growing a new coat - she's a beautiful black torti.

Luna - a talkative, playful, busy little miss - medium length black hair.




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