Friday, August 8, 2008

Crisis in the cat world. Help us bring about change!

Pet Haven is facing a cat crisis as are many rescues and shelters in Minnesota.  

What is Pet Haven doing to help resolve the crisis?  

We provide spay/neuter subsidies for people who can't pay the entire cost for spay/neuter of their cat.  

We have outreach programs to educate people about the cat crisis problem and about cats that are abandoned or must be euthanized because there are no homes for them.  

How many are being euthanized?  Unfortunately, about 2,000 cats, mostly teenagers and adults, are being euthanized every month in the twin cities alone.  These cats are healthy and well socialized.  These great cats are in situations that are not their fault but they need your help to get them on their way to a new life.  What are your rewards?  Affection, trust, love and the knowledge that you have made a difference in at least one cat's life.  

Pet Haven's voicemail receives messages daily from people needing a new home for their cat, from animal control who have cats who will be euthanized if they cannot go to a rescue group, from other rescue groups who cannot place all of the cats they have taken in, from people who have strays in their neighborhood and people who are overwhelmed with too many cats because their cats were not altered.  

Pet Haven has taken in several cats in the last 5 months who fit those categories.  Katie didn't even have a name in the home she was in there were so many cats.  She has been a delight since she and her 4 kittens came to us.  Katie and 3 of the kittens are still looking for homes.  

A senior citizen is looking for help since she has a leg injury and can no longer care for her daughter's cat.  Another person is newly diagnosed with a terminal illness and will soon need to part with her beloved cat.  Who will step up and adopt or foster so that Pet Haven can take in another cat?  

Pet Haven has had 3 families return 6 cats to us this summer who were adopted as kittens in  1999 or 2000.  For whatever reason, they are no longer able to care for their cats.  

How can you help us?  You can help by opening your heart to one or more of these wonderful cats.  Make a difference in the life of one cat at a time!  

You can ADOPT a cat from Pet Haven or another rescue group or shelter.  Most have regularly scheduled adoption days at local pet stores.  Go to and find out about upcoming adoption dates and make contact with a group.  

You can FOSTER a cat.  Please call or e  mail Pet Haven; 952-831-3825 or

You can DONATE money for spay/neuter to Pet Haven.  Your donations for spay/neuter will be used only for that.  Pet Haven helps individuals with the cost of spay/neuter and gives small grants to other rescue groups and shelters in MN to help them advance spay and neuter in their own communities.  

Help us spread the word about Pet Haven.  We can provide fliers, you can connect people to our cat blog and website, become a volunteer and join Pet Haven and support animals in many ways.  Call or e mail.  There's a cat who needs you help!

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