Monday, August 4, 2008

Spanky - home at last.

Spanky had a rough start in life.  He was rescued in a feral cat colony in the summer of 2007, even though he wasn't a feral cat.  Spanky had been handled and 'owned' by someone when he was a kitten or even older, and then abandoned or dumped to make his way in the world.  Spanky was not neutered when he was put outside to fend for himself and, consequently, spent several years fighting with other male cats over the ladies who lived in the colony.  His age has been guessed at 4-6 yrs.  

He suffered many wounds, all went untreated and he has such severe scars that he doesn't grow hair over some of those places.  He had ear mites, a not uncommon thing in a colony of cats.  

Now that he is neutered he gets along well with the other cats in his foster home.  He is mild mannered and gentle and follows his owner around, tapping her hand or arm for attention. Spanky may not win any prizes in a beauty contest but when you look at the love in his eyes, you know he has won the best prize of all - a loving and secure home for life.  

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