Monday, August 4, 2008

Helpful fosters - happy cats and adopter

These two girls came from different foster homes, just as Tika and Lefty did, and have made a successful transition to life together.  Stella is black and Sophie is the brown tabby.  Stella has turned into a lap girl - when she isn't playing - which surprised her foster mom.  Both girls are very social and love people.   

Their foster mom had these kind words to say about Pet Haven fosters: 

 "I just wanted you to know what a positive experience it has been dealing with Pet Haven.  The foster moms of Dove, now Stella, and Sophie have been so nice.  Sue and Kim brought the girls to the house, gave me some tips and ideas, watched how the girls interacted and have e mailed me to see how all is going."

Pet Haven fosters want to help you find the right cat for your family and want the cat to fit well into your home.  We can help since the cats live in our own homes and we have a good idea of how they will react in a new situation.  

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