Friday, August 29, 2008

Waiting - wondering?

Telly was adopted as a young kitten with his brother.  This summer, they were both returned to Pet Haven.  It has been a hard adjustment for both the boys.  Moving to a new place with new smells and new people to get to know is tough on animals just as it can be for young children.  These boys didn't even have the comfort of their owner to move with them. 

Telly is a gentle fellow, he talks some, he loves to be pet and he's a great lap boy.  He'd do best in a little quieter home - no toddlers or dogs - but he'd sure love to have a lap or two to sit in.  He loves to be brushed, likes to play with you with fishing pole toys.  If you have an aunt or grandpa in your home who needs some extra TLC, Telly would be happy to lend his loving comfort.  

His brother, Snickers?  Well, to be truthful, Telly would just as soon not live with him!

Snickers has turned into a bully around other cats and, while he also has a wonderful, engaging personality, he isn't very nice with another feline!
Snickers would adjust to a gentle, respectful dog we think.  He also is curious, bolder than Telly, and likes some lap time and interactive games with you.  Like to watch sports on tv?  Snickers makes a great companion and he'd cheer on your team, always ready to be loyal to his owner.

Both boys are front declawed - both hope to find a new owner who will care for them for the rest of their life.  Telly and Snickers - waiting and wondering.  Life in a foster home isn't bad but it isn't what we hope for for the animals we rescue.   A family who can concentrate all their love on one of them would be just their cup of mouse.  

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