Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leslie - back with Pet Haven

Some of you may remember this fellow. He came to Pet Haven with injuries and had to have a rear leg amputated. He went home but came back when he broke through the screens to chase a dog or just to explore and was having some pain episodes too.

Since then, life has settled down. His foster mom doesn't open the window far enough for him to get to the screens, for one thing. He loves to sit by the window and sniff the air, watch the bunnies, birds and chippies and he also watches the dog next door without seeming terribly ruffled up.

His pain episodes have gone away.

He's turned into quite the lap fellow.

He also enjoys a good rough-housing with another cat. Mr. Brown tolerates him quite well and is willing to even give him a kiss once the fighting is over with. Leslie would not do well with every cat but could be a much loved only boy so he wouldn't have to compete for lap time.

Because he is a burly, well-muscled boy and we want to keep as much strain off his remaining back leg, he is on a diet. It is not his favorite thing.

Les loves to talk and he will tell you he is starving! His foster thinks it would be best to give him a timed feeding bowl so it would open at set times without your help and his bag of food should be kept out of the kitchen, perhaps in a closet that isn't close to where you like to spend time so he doesn't go and scold the closet for keeping his food locked up!

Life on the street is hard. Being hit by a car or truck, having a compound fracture of a rear leg that is badly infected and not being able to drag yourself away after you urinate is not something Leslie would choose to have gone through. He's had some dental work also - to remove a tooth that was fractured. That wasn't so bad in the whole scheme of things.

He's sassy, fit and ready to find his forever home.

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