Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Tails -

Dear Pet Haven,

We just wanted to give you an update on two kittens, now one year old cats, we adopted in November 2008 from an adoption site at Richfield PetCo. Theo and Didi (formerly Dora) were approximately four months old when my husband, Bill, and I decided to bring them home.

I was initially dead set on adopting an older cat, but little Didi stole my husband's hear. Her loud purrrr and playfulness spoiled my plan and the next thing I knew we were signing papers.

However, it didn't end there.

As we were preparing to gather our new kitten, the foster parent of Theo approached me and introduced me to a sweet, bright eyed guy with only three legs. Being a nurse I knew I wanted this kitten.

Like Didi he was an orange tabby and the same age but they were not litter mates. With some encouragement from Pet Haven staffers we took both of them home only to realize on the first night how much Theo was not happy with his fellow adoptee. He hissed, growled, and hid under a table. That night I slept in one bedroom with Theo and my husband slept in another with Did. We got up the next morning wondering "what on earth were we thinking?". Heading to work that day I was sad to think we may have to return one if Theo didn't come around. However, these two cats figured it out on their own and two evenings after we brought them home they were both sleeping with us and now act as if they were litter mates.

One would never know Theo has only three legs, especially when he runs. He loves being held, comes when called and has his own camp chair on our porch, which he will occasionally share with Didi.

She loves to be near my husband and "hangs" with him in the home office. I can't imagine just having one of them, because they are like peas in a pod..

Thank you and all of your foster volunteers for saving lives and the caring you do, not only for our most beloved cats, but the thousands of animls needing homes. We are in earnest.

Best regards,
Kari and Bill

Theo came to Pet Haven from a farm and made his way to the cities. His foster contacted Pet Haven and asked if we could help him if she would care for him because he had a stump for one rear leg that he tried to use and it was scabby and had open wounds on it. Theo had the usual parasites and fleas which were taken care of and on his 2nd vet visit came to have the stump amputated and he was neutered at that time. No one knew whether Theo's injury was a birth defect or an injury.

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