Friday, July 3, 2009


Meet Monkey - can you guess where she got her name? Her tail is almost always carried in that curled up position although you can run your hand down her back and her tail and it will go out straight - only to curl up again!

Monkey had a litter of 3 kittens, they are grown up now and no longer need to nurse on her and is she happy!! This week she was spayed and is ready to start looking for a new home.

Monkey is very social, she loves to chat with you, follow you around and hang out with you - playing with toys and using her scratch pad are high on her list too, and napping in a sunny spot.

Monkey gets along with one of the other cats in her foster home really well. The older kitten belonging to the foster does not like Monkey and they have been known to spat. We think she'd do fine as an only or with another one. None of the kittens inherited Monkey's cute and curvy-curly tail.

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