Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kittens - more and more

Shelby and Sawyer are two cute guys who are very busy!

Sawyer is more the love bug - patting you on the face in the middle of the night, snuggling under your chin or on your lap when you watch tv and then off to the races with brother,

Shelby who loves to snuggle up with men a little more than women and is a very busy fellow too. He has another name in his foster home - Sid the Kid - from hockey fame who was known for having to touch everything.

Unfortunately we do not have a picture of one of their latest escapades which include the pan with the left-over barbecue sauce! It took them both awhile to get each other cleaned up after that one. You need to have a sense of humor and a lot of patience to have kittens in the house.

These boys are ready for adoption, preferably with another cat or kitten, or together to help them wear off steam while you are gone at work.

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