Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cat Friendly Dog

Sadie is a pretty cute girl who is loving life in her foster home. She has light blue eyes which are unusual with her coloring. When Sadie came to her foster home she didn't know much about being a house-dog but has she learned!

Stairs - WHAT are those?

A soft bed - What do you do with that?

Well, Sadie has figured it out. She was shy to begin with but has made great strides in that department too.

Sadie has two dogs in her foster home and they love to play - she and the german shepherd and dane are rough and tumble inside and outside and now she flies up and down the stairs when they are playing.

Sadie is also another creature with the cats - one of them grooms her head and she is as gentle as can be, even if they are near when she has a treat. Sadie will also play with the cats but in an entirely different manner than with the dogs.

Is your cat a door-dasher? Well, Sadie has a bit of that in her too and will take special vigilance as she learns you are her family and that you will be there for her always.

Who wouldn't want a Sadie in their life who is waiting to enrich your life and hopes you will have another dog or cat for her to enjoy and play with?

Learn more about Sadie and other Pet Haven dogs by checking out the dog blog and our website. Spread the word and help us find homes for more of our cats and dogs so another can be rescued.

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