Friday, January 29, 2010

A grand and glorious month

Pet Haven cats would like to thank all of the adopters, volunteers, donors, vet clinics and support services who help us day after day, week after week, month after month. We couldn't do it with you!

January 2010 has begun the year on a very high note. We have placed 21 cats this month!

Nick and Gerry and others have been with us for over a year. A few came in very frightened of people and have made a successful transition to living in a house and loving their families.

8 of these cats were young kittens from 2 different litters. We don't often have kittens at this time of the year so we might have expected to place them but it was still a wonderful event. Last summer we weren't placing kittens quickly at all.

Some went in pairs, some joined another cat or dog, some were to be only cats.

Where did they come from?

Other shelters, impound, live traps in backyards, from the voice mail line, found by a volunteer. Each was unwanted by someone and put out the door, trapped and moved into new neighborhood so someone else could cope with the problem; each treated as a throw-away, not valued by their previous owner.

Our volunteers and foster homes spend many hours, days and weeks discovering who each cat is, helping them overcome their fright or rough play and can and do tell you just what you'll be adopting if you take a particular cat home.

We salute all these cats and new owners -

What lucky felines!

What lucky owners!

And we will remember the cats who shared our lives and homes: Nick, Tempest, Storm, Jolie, Drizzle, Chinook, Leo, Madeline, Samantha, Crystal, Emmett, Charm, Trinket, Bangle and Bauble, Duke, Marcy, Black Jack, May, Gerry and Mr. Brown!

Happy New Year!

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