Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another black beauty

Sirocco gave all she had to kittens over the spring, summer and, in the early fall of 2009, came to a volunteer with another group where she promptly had another litter of 4. Pet Haven took her the next day and she raised her kittens with many supplements for them and mom.

The kittens were smart and ate hard and canned kitten food early on, helping to ease mom's contribution but Sirocco still had a hard time regaining her energy.

She has recently moved into a new foster home (kittens all adopted a month ago) and is enjoying life as a cat again. She plays, she cuddles with another cat, she enjoys time spent in play or petting with her foster mom.

We don't know her past life except to say that no one was supporting her in a meaningful way or doing any vet care for her - which first off would have included a spay!

Consider this beautiful girl with copper/gold colored eyes as a companion in your home or spread the word and tell others about her wonderful personality.

Lucky mom, lucky kittens - they have a chance to be placed in a forever home and have a family that will love and appreciate them.

What happened to the others?

We'll never know.

Did one or more survive? How are they managing this winter? Will they be bred and produce another litter that will survive to breed again or die of starvation, disease and lack of care?

If you, or someone you know, picks up a cat - male or female - please take it to the vet and get it spayed or neutered asap. There are too many cats in the world and spay and neuter is the only thing that will help us resolve the problem.

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