Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow! What a weekend!

Nick -

Pet Haven cats placed 8 cats this weekend and we have some interest in one or two more.

Nick found a home - he's a clever boy and quite the companion and lover and has waited a long time for the right family to come along - his fosters will miss him but are also happy to have him settled.

Leo also found a home - he's a character too, very playful, lots of fun and loves a dog. His play manners are rather rude with another cat and, like Nick, he will get to be the only cat in the house. Leo's family already has a dog and Nick's family plans to get one. Lucky boys.

A litter of 4 kittens went also - some with another cat or dog in the home and 2 of them went together.

Jolie also found a home. This lucky girl has some family members who are in physical therapy and she limps because of an accident where a back leg was broken and not set at a vet clinic so her leg is shorter. They'll keep her stretched out and give her massages to keep her limber and active.

This is a stupendous start to a new year and all of these families have made a spot in their homes and hearts for a very lucky cat!

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