Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adoptions Sat., 3/7, 11-1 p .m. TWO locations!

We'll be at two locations this Sat. and hope you can stop by to see us one place or the other.  Tell your friends and family who might be looking for a cat who might fit their needs!

Chuck and Don's  3246 W. Lake St. 

Gerry - Playful, lap girl, medium haired black and white

Nick - orange tabby, big fellow, snuggler, playful

Betty Boop - gray tabby, polydactyl, lap girl, playful, loves her sister, Brenda

Brenda - gray tabby medium hair polydactyl, playful, loves her sister, Betty, and snuggles in bed

Parker - a laid-back older kitten, he's a charmer with another cat and with people, loves to be groomed and groom another cat and is a definite lap boy

Chance - big and brawny, black and white, loves dogs - you did hear that, right?  He LOVES dogs!

PetCo Richfield  66th and Lyndale Ave. S

Zena - black and white, affectionate, playful, great with another cat

Sundae - calico, a quieter girl who loves her back scratched and to sleep with another cat and be near you

S'more - calico, a little shyer but loves her catnip toys and especially another cat, starting to swirl around your ankles for petting and attention (she's a sucker for canned cat food!)

Kelly - black, friendly and playful, ok on her own or with another cat and tolerates the small dog in her foster home well

Moose - big, black and beautiful, loves to be a lap boy and would especially like a screened porch to be able to sit and yard watch, good with another cat or alone

Riley - beautiful classic brown tabby, she likes attention but isn't pushy about it, a great sunny window girl to have around

Helen - quiet and demure, she likes gentle attention on the cat tree

Serena - playful and affectionate girl who is easily overstimulated which can lead to love bites so best in an adult home

Koko - introvert who is slow to warm up, looking for an only person to live with, prefers a woman, we think

Panther - a boy who walked the streets for several years, big and black, he's a little shy with new people but is a lover, gives kisses, loves to snuggle and sleeps next to you - he has lots of love to share after those years outside with no one to love

All of these cats are among those who will be attending with a few more at each event.  

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