Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sadie struts her stuff again

We've been talking about how difficult it is to find homes for black cats and dogs.  They are often ignored and certainly overlooked.  Because of that more black companion animals are euthanized in shelters and pounds across the country than any other color.  

Sadie has had some wonderful pictures taken of her by Sarah of We hope they will help you see a beautiful black cat in a different light!

Sadie is affectionate - she loves to be near you.  

Sadie likes to play - she's watching for that ever elusive toy on a pole.

Sadie is cute and a charmer - her antics will keep you enthralled with this girl for years to come.

Sadie loves her foster parents and their home but she does need her own forever home.  We hope that will happen soon for this lovely girl.  

Sadie was adopted from Pet Haven as a young kitten in June of 1999.  She was returned to Pet Haven with her cat companion, Jasmine, during the summer of 2008.  Financial problems were given as the reason for the return.  Jasmine found her new home quickly  even though she was older than Sadie - she looked like a siamese and people were attracted to her blue eyes.

Sadie has beaten the odds once - she placed as a cute black kitten.  Please help us find a home for Sadie as a 'middle-aged', gorgeous black adult.  She's loving, she's a great companion, she's playful and adaptable.  

Sadie was matted to the skin when she was returned to us, unable to feel the hand of the person she loved.  

She has had a 'lion cut' and loves her new 'do'.  She can feel your touch and wants you to touch her often.  

She was a perfect client at the groomers and would like to go to the groomer at least twice but probably 3 times a year to maintain this easy coat and feeling. If you enjoy brushing and combing on a very regular basis, she didn't mind that but we were unable to restore her coat to the condition it needed to be in.  

We had several people comment at our adoption events today that they appreciate our foster home system, our advocacy for the companion animals in our care and our honesty about their personalities plus helping you find a cat that will fit your needs as well as those of the pet. Sadie approves this message and finds it to be accurate and insightful!  Help us help her into her forever home, please!

Spread the word about Sadie and the other black cats Pet Haven has: Moose, Koko, Panther and Kelly and those who are almost all black; Pazazz/Poppy, Gerry and Panda.  All have intriguing, unique personalities.  All need homes.  

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