Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Paisley -

Paisley stopped by to say "hello" once again.  He's still available for adoption.  The clinic where he is living feels he could be trained to do tricks because he is very food motivated!  

He has changed his mind about dogs and would prefer that they not be a part of his life.  

He has gotten along with another female cat but he is FIV positive so some caution would need to be exercised to make sure he doesn't pass that along to another one.  

FIV is not casually passed from cat to cat.  It is transmitted in deep wound bites so Paisley is unlikely to share the disease if he isn't in a fight with another cat.  

He would do best in an adult home since he gives love bites and likes the chance to 'wrestle' with your hand or arm if he is over-excited.  

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