Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leslie - on his way home

We're hopeful that Leslie has found his new home and will be kept inside and safe, warm and loved for the rest of his life.  A client at the clinic was looking for another cat and has had a few weeks to ponder his adoption.  

He's recovered from his leg amputation and only needs to grow hair back now and continue to gain strength.  

He's happy to have that time behind him as he had nerve spasms for several weeks after the surgery that caused him a lot of discomfort despite continued  pain management. 

He's had his teeth cleaned and the ones removed that were damaged when he was hit by a car.  

He's been living the life of Riley at the clinic he's been recovering at.  Everyone on the staff has enjoyed petting him and having him give head-butts. 

Keep your fingers crossed that he will fit in well at his new home and they will think he is a charming as the clinic staff does.  

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