Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ali is looking for a home

This pretty brown tabby torti has lots of character and playfulness to keep you amused and charmed. Like most cats she is curious about everything and especially enjoyed exploring the tent. You can even find 'toy' tents that any self-respecting cat would like to take a nap in and hang out to watch for exciting things passing by.

She absolutely loves her laser dot toy.

Ali is on a diet - the laser dot picture is when she was at the beginning of her diet and she is slimming down!

She tolerates her measured amounts of food twice daily and is getting 1/8 of a cup of dry two times a day. She'll always need to have her food measured for her which isn't hard to do.

Ali is waiting at the door when you arrive home from shopping or work and happily follows you around the home as you put away groceries, do the wash, clean or rest.

She's very respectful of your space and sleeps at the foot of the bed so she can be close to you but doesn't crowd.

This pretty lady is outgoing and will be happy to meet your family and friends when they come for a visit.

Ali hopes to find a home soon, along with her other Pet Haven friends!

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