Friday, June 11, 2010


Jenga is a beautiful girl in appearance and personality. When she came to us in March she had very little hair between a lack of nutrition and a flea infestation in the house of the hoarder she lived with.

She has made a remarkable recovery, due to the care and devotion of her foster family who have been able to see her grow physically, regain her health and blossom in her playfulness and affection.

Jenga is looking for an adult or quieter home with older children because she is deaf. If she is sleeping on the floor she will feel you moving around the house because she feels the floor vibrations. If she is up on a piece of furniture, she does not hear you moving around. She's always more than happy to have you talk to her, pet her and wake her up but she is a sound sleeper. If she is awake and sitting on a carpeted floor, she may not sense you walking up behind her so you will need to watch out for her a little.

She loves to have another cat buddy to play with too - we hope we can find a home with another cat to play with this young lady - or consider one from her foster home!

Jenga has a new lease on life, a long, healthy, fun-filled, well loved life! Lucky, lucky girl.

Go to, click on the cat adoption application to fill out an adoption application for Ms. Jenga or any of our other cats or kittens!

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