Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kati - a busy lady

Kati has moved to another foster home so she has more space to run and play.

She's looking for a home, perhaps with multiple floors or a large rambler, so she has lots of places to explore, windows to check out what's happening and people who would love to play with her. If you had a screened porch she would love that also!

She loves to talk to you and is willing to chat even if you aren't answering her back!

If you worked from home even part time, she'd enjoy that too.

When Kati is bored she can be nippy so we are looking for an adult home for her. Kati is a beautiful girl who does not show well at our adoption events where she is stressed and grumbly. It is possible to see her in her foster home and she does attend events also.

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