Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ali at Chuck and Don's in Highland

Stop by for a visit! This cute, social girl with lots of personality is looking for a forever home.

Ali was at a shelter that free fed their cats - that didn't work for Ali and she put on the pounds. She has adapted very well to her diet, however. It means serving her 1/8 cup (a coffee scoop or 2 tablespoons level) of food twice each day.

Like many of us, it took awhile to gain the weight and it will take awhile to make it go away but it is happening! This brown tabby torti is up to the task with your help.

Ali loves her laser light toy, is very curious, likes to meet the visitors to your home and will follow you around the house as you make beds, clean, wash clothes and is happy to help at the computer also. She's a great companion and will sleep at the foot of the bed by your feet.

Stop by, say 'Hi' to Ali.

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